Hulk Smash!

Strictly speaking, there is no group in Fulsia that practices red magic. This chaotic style is theorized by lore masters to have once thrived in the region known as the Grubash Mountains. What peoples lived there, their society, their culture…all of it remains a mystery. Scholars and treasure hunters alike would love the chance to search for pieces of it, but the land itself is a cursed death trap. All manner of undead monster and ghastly spirit inhabit every nook and cranny of the mountains. Those that manage to return from this place are rarely the same ever again. Still, there exist several tribes within the shadow of the mountains that still possess hints of red magic and abilities, including the dominate rulers of the elven kingdom.

Methods for red spell casting are most unusual, in that they are performed entirely by force of will. A user channels mana through the turbulent currents of his or her own emotions and desires to produce the desired effect. The process is completely internalized, requiring the caster to draw the magic out from within them. In most cases, the stronger the emotion…the more pronounced the effect. Dealing with such a person can be seen as a dangerous and completely unpredictable situation.

What follows are some common red abilities:

  • Direct Damage: Red magic is known most for being angry and impulsive. A red user focuses these powerful emotions most often into elemental attacks of fire and lightning. These outbursts can be concentrated to strike a single opponent, but exceptional individuals can use their wrath to decimate the entire surrounding area. In fact, it’s a good idea to expect collateral damage.
  • Unnatural Speed: Mimicking the lightning they often employ, red aligned entities are known for their incredible quickness. They can channel their rage and aggression into a physical manifestation of speed…sometimes at the cost of their own wellbeing.
  • Temporary Power: Like green, red can call upon additional power from the land, but its shortsightedness leads to inefficiency and waste of resources. Red magic is concerned primarily with the short term and often loses sight of things in the long run. It’s far more likely to throw everything into one shot than plan out a lengthy strategy.
  • Amplification: Red magic can be used to increase the magnitude of almost any magical ability. This could take the form of increasing the size of a spell or perhaps producing a copy of a spell. Red magic always wants more of everything, even if it means weathering an attack only to send the same back at its opponent.
  • Oppressive Emotions: Keeping its emotion in check is not something red is often capable of doing, nor does it want to. A red practitioner can use their magic to spread their overwhelming emotions to others. Perhaps they wish to incite a riot, or cause allies to turn on one another, or goad a defensive enemy into meeting them out on the battlefield.. To red, love and war are meant to be shared experiences.
  • Out Of Control: By letting go of “higher thought”, red users can use magic to enter a berserker state. When like this, there is no fear, they feel no pain, there is no fatigue, and there is no way to stop them short of destruction. These warriors will fight with every ounce of intensity in their bodies until they cease to function. A frightful technique for sure, yet one that has no regard for friends or objectives.
  • Wanton Destruction: Red is capable of spreading its chaos in the most violent ways. Users can unleash their emotion in destructive outbursts capable of shattering powerful artifacts or even the land itself in the form of massive earthquakes. Sometimes this is used as a tool in combat, but often red simply desires change. Chaos brings change…change brings freedom…when everything is changing, there is no tie to “the way things were”.


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