She Blinded Me With Science

Blue magic is thought to be relatively new to Fulsia, and is even now primarily confined to the mages in the crystal city of the north. Over the better part of the last five hundred years, the goblins inhabiting that place have worked to unlock the secrets contained within its walls. There is little to no structure amongst the mages. As the city provides for their every need and their remote location dissuades enemy invasion, there is no need for a governing body of any type. Each mage studies and pursues his or her own goals as they see fit, on their own time table. Their society is the most open of any on Fulsia, even allowing for those not of the goblin race to study there should they desire. To the enlightened goblins, the bountiful knowledge contained in the crystal is for the benefit of all.

Blue spell casting is performed most commonly with a complex series of symbols. These patterns can be written on a parchment, formed with hand gestures, inscribed in a tattoo, or merely traced out in the air with a finger. The result is almost a kind of equation that causes a shift in the focused mana. The calculated nature of blue spells means that they can produce some of the most precise and powerful effects in the magical world.

What follows are some common blue abilities:

  • Always A Solution: Being very knowledge focused, blue magic can be utilized to effortlessly comb through the entirety of a subject’s collected thoughts. This can allow a skilled practitioner to develop a strategy or solution to any problem…given enough time.
  • Spell Control: Blue can use its understanding of the inner workings of spells and the mana that fuels them to prevent a magical effect from occurring. In effect, this gives a user the ability to counter the spell of another user before it substantiates. Masters of this skill can go so far as to return a magical state back to a steady state (i.e. causing an enchantment to dissipate or a summoned object to return to the aether).
  • Creative Acquisition: Most blue users see themselves as a sagely guardians of the world, confiscating those things which others use irresponsibly. The ideal of blue is for everything to be known to the point it can be controlled. This may involve stripping an enchantment from something and applying it to something of theirs or even exerting mind control over a living being.
  • Mental Domination: Telepathy is a simple feat for most blue practitioners. While black magic is adept at making violent strikes at the mind or ripping out secrets, blue is capable of much larger effects. A skilled mage can cause you to forget a whole year, erase your understanding of magic, or even make you forget who you are.
  • Mimicry: Blue is capable of almost perfect imitation. This is accomplished through means such as duplication, cloning, magical disguise, etc.. By mimicking its enemies and allies, Blue allows itself to know at least what others know and can do anything they can. Blue magic is often motivated by a fancy for illusion over reality, the power of perception to control the world.
  • Power Reduction: Not always the most outwardly mighty, blue magic can be used to temporarily reduce an incoming threat. A practitioner might cast a hex or illusion to make an opponent dizzy or weary, or may go so far as to morph them into something less impressive like a small invertebrate.
  • Elemental Preferences: Blue is the color of water, formless and shapeless…calmly flowing one second and crashing sharply the next. Blue mages often exhibit great control over water, and in advanced circles, ice as well.


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