Fabulous Secret Powers Were Revealed To Me…

Magic and arcane abilities are something readily known and readily accepted across Fulsia. The fuel for it is invariably the mana saturating the plane, though the techniques vary radically from place to place (and culture to culture). Much like the production of alcoholic beverages, each race has at one time or another developed their preferred methods for calling upon other worldly powers.

This type of magic can be thought of as having a very narcissistic focus. It’s only use is bringing power and control to the user through whatever means necessary. Breaking the rules, finding shortcuts, taking what it wants from others…these are all tenants of this discipline. Black magic can be primarily thought of as being focused on two broad pillars: parasitism and amorality.

This branch of magic is concerned most with primal forces and instinct. It is used to promote strength, ensuring survival of the fittest, and preserving the natural order of things. Victory is secondary to fulfilling its role in the cycle of life. Green has an affinity and interdependence for all things alive, both plants and animals. Magic of this type is often used to destroy the unnatural and artificial.

This discipline of magic is used to promote morality and order. White is known to put value in the group, the community, and its civilization as a whole. The needs of the many outweigh those of the few. It is often used to abolish diversity and promote balance and unity. White is not necessarily racist, instead it is proud to the point it is elitist.

This order of magic is often aligned with the concepts of logic and technology. Blue is characterized by the desire to know the world’s secrets and to make possibilities into realities. Blue seeks knowledge to the point of omniscience, toward a goal of becoming “perfect”. It feels obligated to shape the universe in a controlled and precise manner.

This standard of magic embodies the principles of impulse and chaos. Red lives by emotion and seeks only to find one’s wishes and desires in life. It can only find its place in the world with the freedom to express these emotions and open up new possibilities. Red must be able to act on its impulses, doing what if feels each moment without delay.

It is far from uncommon for the 5 manas to mix and create hybrid combinations of magic. This blending goes beyond simple spells though, often resulting in union of philosophy, personality, culture, religion, and any other facet of life. Although these hybrids may never reach the same potency as their individual counterparts, they can often produce amazing results by building upon the strengths of each component.


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