A courtesan with a knack for magic.


Physical Appearance

  • Long, dark hair
  • Pale skin
  • Blue eyes
  • Height: 5’8
  • Courtesan tattoo on upper arm


  • Cunning/Sensing Traps
  • Sneak
  • Acquiring sensitive information
  • Dabbles in Magic: Black
  • Theft (cutting purses, palming, etc.)
  • Intrusion (Picking locks, remaining unseen, etc)
  • Persuasion/Manipulation
  • Carries a dagger named “Stab-Stab”


  • Not physically strong
  • Not wilderness savvy
  • No combat skills other than magic and self-defense
  • No formal education (can read and do very simple math)
  • Bio:

    Dear Sir,

    I am responding to the letter I received a few days ago informing me that all thieves, courtesans, and assassins must be members of the Guild. While I understand your concern at not being able to control someone with the kind of information I possess, I prefer to work alone.

    You do seem to have acquired quality sources, for which I applaud you. I’ve made a point to keep information regarding me difficult to find. You are correct in that I am human, and that I was born to a sex slave in merfolk territories of the southlands. I was not, as your sources seem to have told you, taken under the wing of some kind hearted priestess (not that there is any such thing as a kind hearted clergy among the merfolk). I was raised a sex slave, eventually sold to a wizard. After picking enough pockets and teaching myself some spells (why does no one believe slaves can read?), I killed my master, and have been roaming the world ever since.

    There seems to have been some misunderstanding as to what sort of “thieving” I do. I no longer cut purses and steal trinkets. I steal secrets. It’s amazing what a man will say when his cock is doing the thinking for him.

    For the record, if my identity becomes known, I am sure the other Guild Leaders would be very interested in the tidbits I have uncovered in research of my own.

    Good luck with your assassinations and all that.

    Best wishes,



    The Lost Plane MyNameIsWuzzy