Evaryn Adahy

Half-elf, finding harmony between cultures


Physical Description

  • Half-Elf
  • Dark Tan Skin
  • Messy black hair, free in the wind
  • Green eyes
  • Dressed for utilitarianism
  • Halfway between average height for man and elf (~6’5"?)
  • Much less pronounced elven horn, though still obviously elven-kind


  • Wilderness survival skills and tools
  • Tracking, stealth, heightened senses in the wilderness
  • Skilled marksman with a longbow
  • Light clerical combat training with sword/axe and shield
  • Lay priest in the Order of Baelor
  • Carries combat equipment: Light Armor, Bow, small shield, and falcata
  • Innate magical knack with animals, plants, and weather (Magic:Green)
  • Learned defensive and healing magics (Magic:White)


  • Uneasy in large crowds and urban environments
  • Lacking street smarts
  • Literate but not ‘well read’
  • Honest to a fault
  • Poor, unconcerned with money or wealth

The story of Evaryn begins with his parents, as most stories do. His mother Dianni, is a human raised in the t forest village if Jundal, she was kidnapped at a young age by elven slavers, and spent most of her life being passed around from elf master to elf master being mistreated the entire time. Until she was sold, at a discount for being “used product”, to a elf lord on the outskirts of elven land, with a small swath of land to his name. Lord Haevronal Adahy did not have the same penchant for slave abuse as most of his kinsmen. Dianni was treated well by Lord Adahy, and eventually they truly and honestly fell in love. Evaryn was the outcome of this union. Life was good on the Adahy plantation, Evaryn was taught to work the land and hunt by his mother, and how to fight and read and write the elven language by his father. Still a slave, but it was a pleasant existence, one in which he felt loved. Until it came to a crashing end at the age of 10.

Jealous of the preferential treatment given to Evaryn and his mother several of the other human slaves sent word out to nearby plantations about Haevronal and Dianni’s “union”. Not only is a joining between elf master and human slave taboo, but forbidden by elvish law. Soon the secret was no longer kept, and elvish religious zealots came to the farm. Evaryn and his family fled, leaving the plantation and life he knew behind, making for the great divide and the forests of Dianni’s childhood. As freedom was almost in sight, one last skirmish was had with the zealots, Haevronal held off the advancing assailants, urging Dianni to get Evaryn to safety. Seeing his father charge 8 warriors was the last he ever saw of him, and soon he and his mother were deep withing the forests of Jundal.

Soon, following what little she could remember of her homeland, Dianni and Evaryn found the village she was born in, and were taken back in the tribe with open arms. Dianni and Evaryn started a new life in the human village. Evaryn found his way amongst the tribe’s hunters being very skilled with a bow, and the art of stalking his prey. While, Evaryn’s paternal heritage was not a topic spoken of in more than whispers, (he gave more than a few humans kids a thumping thanks to his elven strength and stature) his innate abilities to rally the people and combat training proved invaluable in defending the village from slaver raids. Evaryn prizes the few belongings he was able to salvage from his old life with his father, a small shield, a falcata, and a few books, rarities in the forest. Though settled with the humans, and found a good life, part of him yearns eastward, to see the elves and be amongst a different kin, or exact revenge, his heart can’t tell.

Evaryn Adahy

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